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Montpon-Menesterol is 18 km east of Mussidan in the western part of the Dordogne.

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Montpon-Menesterol is only really worth visiting if you have an interest in church organs. It has two churches. In the centre of Montpon is the church of Notre Dame. It is quite a charming church whose interiour is painted lemon yellow and whose stained glass windows are patterned in a style reminiscent of William Morris. Enter the church and walk to the front and then look up to the rear of the church where you will see the magnificent organ.

church organ

Menesterol centre is much smaller and on the other side of the River Isle. The church at Mensterol houses another great organ.

Both organs can be visited as well those of another private site in July and August. The tourist office organise the visits. Outside of these months the church at Montpon is often open but not the others.

Montpon-Menesterol is on the edge of the River Isle but the river is really quite well hidden from the town. The main high street is quite busy with traffic as it is the main Bordeaux to Periguex non-motorway road. There is though a pleasant square with the Mairie on it.

Montpon Menesterol

Market day is every Wednesday morning and is probably the best time to visit.

The village has been awarded one flower in the 2012 'Vlle et Villages Fleuris de France' awards. The French aquivalent of the villages in bloom competition in the UK.

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Surrounding Montpon-Monesterol is the 'Forest de la Double' which covers 50,000 hectares with pine trees, oaks and ferns. A beautiful forest which inspired Eugène Leroy, author of Jacqou le Croquant, in his book "L'ennemi de la Mort' or 'the Enemy of Death".

Montpon-Menesterol is not far from the roman remains that you can visit at Montcaret.

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