Favourite villages

Dordogne villages

The towns and villages in the Dordogne are incredibly beautiful

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More villages

Dordogne villages

The villages are a highlight of any visit. Even these less well-known ones are worth a visit

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Dordogne Hotels

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Breathtaking caves

Grottes en Dordogne

Caves and grottos full of stalactites and stalagmites or prehistoric paintings and shelters - the Dordogne has them all

Dordogne caves

Lovely Dordogne gardens

Dordogne gardens

The Dordogne has some beautiful gardens including large chateaux gardens, water gardens and informal gardens

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Imposing castles

Dordogne Chateaux

The Dordogne has a superb collection of castles to visit

Dordogne castles

Dordogne tourist attractions

Dordogne tourist attractions

Visit the many tourist attractions and activities in the Dordogne

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Lascaux caves

Discover the prehistoric treasures of the Dordogne including cave paintings and troglodyte dwellings

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Issac is a small village with a pretty church at its centre.

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An idea...


The medieval town of Sarlat is a highlight of any trip to the Dordogne

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Day out in the Dordogne

Dordogne days out

Plan a day out to see the highlights of the Dordogne

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Les Jardins de Marqueyssac

The Jardins de Marqueyssac are the most famous in the Dordogne and have magnificent swirling box hedges.

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Dordogne France travel and tourism

The Dordogne region of south-west France is one of the most beautiful and popular destinations in the country. Visit this beautiful region of France and discover the chateaux, beautiful medieval towns and villages, unspoiled countryside and prehistoric caves - just some of the many reasons why the region attracts visitors.

See Dordogne regions and Dordogne map to get started...


Jardins de MarqueyssacThere are many 'famous sights' that we associate with the Dordogne, including Lascaux caves, Marqueyssac gardens, medieval Sarlat, castles such as Chateau Castelnaud and the prehistoric caves in the Vezere Valley.

Yet it is the places that you visit outside these 'hot-spots' that will stay longest in your memory - the scenery, the peace, the coffee in a small cafe, the picnic next to a stream. The Dordogne is beautiful in the same way as the Cotswolds or Tuscany are beautiful - the way it simply makes you want to stay forever enjoying the quiet, the countryside, the scenery...

Some of the other best known highlights include the gouffre de Padirac caves and canoeing the Dordogne, with the most popular towns and villages including Bergerac, Brantome, Excideuil, La Roque-Gageac, Le Bugue, Riberac and Rocamadour.

The Dordogne Valley usually refers to the path followed by the river, and is towards the south of the department where it travels from east to west, passing through Bergerac and many of the other popular villages. The more northerly half of the department is quite a way from the river - but tourism in the department certainly doesn't start and end with the river - be sure to venture north and south a little to discover the quiet but equally beautiful regions a little more hidden from the public gaze...

You should be aware that the 'official' Dordogne Valley often refers to the region to the east around Argentat - i.e. on the Dordogne river but within the Correze department - see Dordogne Valley for information.

For more information about activities, visiting the area with children, market days and wine-tasting, museums and travel arrangements, and much more besides, see...visiting the Dordogne.

Dordogne holidays and travel


There are easy travel links by road and train to the Dordogne region of France from the UK and mainland Europe, many flights (including low cost airlines operating to Bergerac) and also international flights from more faraway places that arrive into Bordeaux airport.

Accommodation in campsites, gites and chambre d'hotes is easily found, the larger towns have hotels, and there are many traditional French chambre d'hotes in the countryside,...see Dordogne holidays.