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This Dordogne map shows some of the places, castles and other highlights of the Dordogne and is best used in conjunction with the guides to the four regions of Perigord, or with the towns, chateaux and caves of the region. You can visit any place marked on the map - just click on the little sign.

While a large number of the main attractions on the map can be seen during one holiday, a significant amount of driving might be involved! See our Dordogne Regions Guide for suggestions about which region of the Dordogne you might like to focus on and our Dordogne Holiday Planner for advice on where to stay.

The most visited region of the Dordogne can be seen on the map above between Le Buisson (25km east of Bergerac) and the region across to Sarlat.

Some of our favourite places to visit in the Dordogne include:

SarlatSarlat has got to be in everybody's list of favourite places in the Dordogne. This beautiful town has loads of fabulous buildings, narrow medieval streets and beautiful squares.

Sarlat is a nice lively town even in winter.

BergeracBergerac is one of the Dordogne's larger towns and has a lovely medieval centre and an attractive river location.

With lots of cafes and restaurants it makes an excellent base for visiting the area. Bergerac is a particularly good place to enjoy the Bastille day celebrations on the 14th July when it has a huge firework display over the river.

BrantomeBrantome in the north of the Dordogne really is a picture-postcard town with a huge abbey, lots of beautiful buildings and the town is built on a loop in the river and so enjoys lots of riverside views.

During the summer you can do evening visits of the troglodyte parts of the abbey with a guide.

Lascaux cavesThe Lascaux Caves are world-famous and rightly so. These caves house incredible large polychrome paintings of a standard seen only in one or two other locations.

In order to protect the original the paintings have been copied in a new location next to the original cave but the copy is incredibly well done.