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Vitrac Port is very popular in the summer as it is and excellent river beach on the Dordogne river with facilities for visitors to the beach. A couple of kilometers from the beach the small village of Vitrac is a a quiet but pretty village with a cafe.

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If the weather is hot and you wish to spend the day on the river either paddling and sunbathing or canoeing then Vitrac Port is just the spot. Set on an attractive bend in the river there is a large river beach with a cafe and the possibility to hire canoes and some more smaller beaches near by though these are harder to access.

From Vitrac Port you can hire a canoe or a kayak and paddle as far as La Roque-Gageac or Castelnaud la Chapelle if you wish to go a bit further. Canoeing is a great way to spend a day or half day on the river and if you are travelling with children you really can't beat it!

Vitrac Port

There are various hotels and restaurants at Vitrac Port and also a campsite though many visitors come from other towns and villages in the area.

Vitrac village is much quieter than the port but is pleasant for a stroll around and has a nice cafe in a renovated schoolhouse in the centre of the village. The church of Vitrac is an attractive church dating back to the 12th century and built in Romanesque and Gothic styles. It has an interesting doorway with a stone leaopard and lion carved above the door.

Inside the church there are some remaining frescoes including some depicting coat of arms.


From the centre of Vitrac village there are a couple of walks that are signposted. One of these is a walk to the Cingle and Chateau de Montfort. The Cingle de Monfort is a deep loop in the river and sat on a rocky outcrop above this is the imposing Chateau de Montfort.

The chateau is private and not open to the public but is very picturesque along with the river and at the foot of the chateau is a hamlet and restaurant. It is possible to walk from here along the 'chemin des pecheurs', fisherman's path, to the river and along the way you can see a fountain and lavoir (ancient washhouse). The path is quite steep.

To get the best views of the river and castle set out along the road towards Carsac Aillac and stop at the parking area. From here the views over the Chateau de Montfort and the Dordogne river and the surrounding walnut orchards is excellent.

Vitrac church

Where to visit nearby?

Vitrac and Vitrac Port are just seven kilometers south of Sarlat which is one of the finest medieval centres in France. Also nearby are some of the villages listed as being amongst the "most beautiful villages of France". These include La Roque-Gageac, Castelnaud la Chapelle and Beynac. The Chateau de Castelnaud is a very impressive medieval castle with full scale replicas of medieval weapons of war.

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