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Saint Crepin Carlucet is a lovely little village to the north east of Sarlat. The centre of Saint Crepin consists of its chateau, church and presbytery, a very attractive ensemble.

Exploring Saint Crepin et Carlucet

As you near the ancient centre of Saint Crepin you start descending a valley and below you is the Chateau de Lacypierre. This charming chateau was built and modified from the 13th to the 18th century and between Easter and early November its attractive gardens are open to the public allowing you to get a close up view of the castle. It is small, more a large house than a castle, but is built in lovely yellow stone and has a square tower and a hexagonal tower. Its roof is made of lauze (stone) and apparently weighs more than 700 tonnes!

Beyond the castle is the 17th century church and its very attractive presbytery dating from the 13th century but with later modifications. It is a very attractive building with its mullioned windows and deeply sloping lauze roof.

At nearby Carlucet there is a romano-byzantine church which is one of the oldest in the Perigord region. It dates back to the 12th century and has recently been beautifully restored. Inside is an ancient font and a superb altarpiece. It has an unusual cemetery with 'enfeus' which are tombs built into the cemetery walls.

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Les Jardins du Manoir d'Eyrignac, a beautiful garden full of topiary, is close to Saint Crepin et Carlucet.

There are lots of walks in the area and if you set off on one you are almost sure to see one of the little round, stone-built cabins which dot the countryside around here and were once used as shelters for shepherds or farmers when working away from home and also as a shelter for injured animals.

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