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Prats-du-Perigord is a small village set in one of the quieter parts of the Dordogne near to Villefranche-du-Perigord on the southern edge of the area known as the Perigord Noir.

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Prats-du-Perigord is a small village but if you are passing on a sunny day it is worth a wander through. At the centre of the village is its church - the église Saint Maurice. This has a large flat bell-tower (called a bell-wall in French) which reaches more than 20m high. Inside the church is a beautiful and unusual wooden carving of Christ whose clothes are painted in vibrant red and gold colours.

Prats du Perigord

As was the case with many of the churches in this area the Eglise Saint Maurice also had a defensive role and its bell tower contains a strong-room where villagers could gather for protection.

Outside the church is a large square, one edge of which has been planted with parterres filled with wonderful colourful plants. A lovely spot to sit and take a break.

Wandering round the village and admiring the architectural details is a pleasure. The houses are all built in a lovely golden stone and have steep perigourdine roofs and painted shutters. Some of the gardens are also well worth admiring!

From the parking near the road you can not only visit the café you also get a good view of the circular tower at the opposite end of the church to the flat belltower.

Prats du Perigord

Places to visit nearby

Nearby Villefranche-du-Perigord is a lovely bastide town which even in the summer remains fairly quiet and tranquille. If you are looking to have a quiet day away from some of the busy parts of the Dordogne then a trip from Prats du Perigord along the Ceou Valley and along to Daglan is very pretty and peaceful.

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