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Plazac is 30 km south-west of Terrasson on the eastern edge of the Dordogne department near to the border with Correze.

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Plazac churchPlazac is a lovely little village with a central 'square' which slopes steeply uphill towards a church which has a lovely wooden balcony running along its length. The church dates back to the 14th century and down the side of the church you can see a frescoe on the outside wall.

Inside the church is a 17th century Pieta and the 'Chemin du Cross' is in Italian style.

The village originally grew up around its church and its chateau. The chateau was transformed into a residence for the bishops and later into a presbytery. Its donjon overlooks the pretty cemetary of the village. There is also a small medieval garden with interesting plants that are often forgotten in modern gardens.

All along the pathway uphill towards the church the edges are gardened making it very attractive. At the bottom of this section is Plazac's village hall with its attractive stone pillars.

During the second world war the inhabitants of Plazac provided shelter for the inhabitants of Binderheim in the Alsace which was subject to very heavy fighting. In return the residents of Binderheim created a garden and fountain for Plazac as a thank-you.

Plazac has a restaurant and a small grocery store.

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Plazac is just 5km from Saint Leon sur Vezere which is classified as one of most beautiful villages of France.

Also nearby is La Roque Gageac another classified most beautiful village.

The nearby Chateau du Losse is a picturesque castle with attractive gardens.

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