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Montferrand du Perigord is in the southern section of the Dordogne near to Monpazier.

Montferrand du Perigord is an attractive village located in the rolling hills of the countryside of the Dordogne in SW France.

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IMontferrand du Perigordf you arrive at the bottom of the village the road winds uphill towards the castle at the top. At the top you have some lovely views along the Couze valley.

As you walk up, you pass a lot of beautiful buildings with roofs and windows of all shapes and sizes and all built in the beautiful golden stone of the Dordogne.

On your right is the halle which was built in the 16th century and is based, unusually, on stone pillars. Usually, the structure is made entirely of wood.

The hall is used year round for various events including flea markets and village festival. Look for the square pillar where the stocks were fixed and used to punish offenders in medieval times.

There are two notable buildings of the Renaissance in the village. A 17th century house which has a beautiful covered balcony the entire length of the house. The other has a wonderful square pigeonnier which is built of stone like the rest of the house but the top level is half-timbered.

The 12th century castle is situated above the village and its 16th century tower provides a breathtaking view of the village and surrounding countryside. A short distance from the village is the church of St Christoph. This was abandoned when the new church was built in the village, but fortunately was not destroyed.

The church is tiny but the interior has incredible frescoes - some of the best in the region. They were covered over in the 15th century and it was not until 1980 when the council decided to renovate the interior and reveal the stone they found these amazing frescoes.

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Montferrand du Perigord is 10km from Beaumont in the Dordogne.

Montferrand is also close to Saint Avit Senieur with its impressive abbey.

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