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Loubressac is a wonderful village in the Lot department overlooking the Dordogne valley. It is close to the attractive town of Saint Ceré.

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As you wind up the hill to the hilltop village of Loubressac you are greeted by the sight of the lovely stone houses with small flowery gardens, brown terracotta roofs and painted shutters - often in shades of burgundy - delightful! The houses are built in a lovely pale gold, almost white stone.

The streets wind upwards to the shady square with its church dating from the 13th to 16th centuries. The eglise Saint Jean Baptiste has an imposing bell tower with a staircase in a small tower on the side of the building.


The church has an attractive interior with many details painted in deep colours and highlighted in gold, especially the area around the altar.

As you wander round the village you catch glimpses of the surrounding countryside - the valleys of the rivers Dordogne, Cère and Bave. Looking over three different river valleys it offers one of the best views of the Dordogne region. As well as the beautiful river valleys Loubressac has views of the Chateau de Castelnau-Bretenoux which is near to Bretenoux and is one of the great castles of France. The Chateau de Montal and the towers of Saint-Laurent can also be seen.

Loubressac itself does have a chateau but it is difficult to see anything of it other than its imposing gateway. For the best view of the chateau go outside of the village walls and slightly downhill from the chateau. The chateau dates from the 15-17th centuries and its maison des gardes to the 15th century.


The Pont de Maday is a pretty three-arched bridge across the river 'La Bave' and is the oldest bridge in the region. It is on the 'Route des Pelerins' pilgrim route which starts in Clermont Ferrand or Puy en Valay and goes to Rocamadour.

Loubressac is one of the 'most beautiful villages of France'. With its views, its ochre coloured medieval houses and its church and castle it really is charming. It is also rightly proud of its floral endeavors and has won the prizes of 'most beautiful flowering village of the Lot' and 'best flowering village of the Midi-Pyrenees'.


There is a lovely little walk from the tourist office in Loubressac which passes by the castle and church and also all the major view points over the countryside and castles.

Places to visit near Loubressac

There are lots of walks in the beautiful countryside near Loubressac and these take you to tiny villages and hamlets in the vicinity.

The Dolmen d'Aurast close to the village is a Neolithic dolmen which is still in very good condition.

Loubressac is one of the most beautiful villages of France and amongst its neighbours are several other 'most beautiful villages'. Both Autoire and Carennac are both nearby.

Also nearby are the Gouffres de Padirac which are one of the best cave systems in the whole of France. You enter the caves by boat and then get to a vast cavern where you walk around a walkway to further explore the caves.

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