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La Chapelle Faucher is 8 km east of Brantome in the northern part of the Dordogne department. It is not a main tourist destination but has a pretty main square.

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La Chapelle Faucher is a pleasant village whose quiet appearance belies a bloody past. In the 14th century the whole town was burnt to the ground during the One Hundred Years War. A century later when the town had been restored, l'admiral Coligny, a protestant, rounded up 260 catholics of the village including women and children and killed them one by one. A massacre that took place over 7 hours.

castle of La Chapelle Faucher

The castle which was built in the 13th century was damaged by a fire in 1916 but some of it has been restored and can be hired for events. Unfortunately it cannot be visited otherwise. The chateau and its pigeonnier are listed historic monuments.

The chateau has an imposing crenellated roof and watchtower though the addition of a large house built onto the side in the 18th century rather reduces its castle-like appearance. There is an attractive stone gatehouse that was built in the 17th century after the defensive wall and drawbridge were destroyed.


The main view of the chateau is rather hidden behind the playground of the infant school and is difficult to see though on the main road approaching La Chapelle Faucher you get quite a good distant view of the chateau.

Also in the village is a 12th century romanesque church, the church of Notre Dame,  and the ruins of a chapel and a few houses. The church has undergone some renovation in recent years. The church is on the edge of a nice square and the square, and indeed the whole village, looks like it has undergone quite a lot of renovation.

La Chapelle Faucher

Just south of the village is the river Cole and along the river you can see some pretty water mills (moulins) and a lavoir. There is also a rocky section with a cave which is called the cliff and cave of Rochecaille.

Although not really a tourist destination La Chapelle Faucher is very pleasant and worth a stroll if you are in the neighbourhood.

Places to visit nearby

The Chateau de Puyguilhem is just a few kilometers away from La Chapelle Faucher.  The chateau is an interesting mix of medieval and Renaissance architecture and looks a bit like the castles in the Loire Valley.

Garden lovers will enjoy a visit to the Jardins Tranquille at Brantome and of course Brantome itself is superb, one of the most attractive towns in the Dordogne and definitely one of our favourites. Whilst at Brantome visit Brantome Abbey and its troglodyte caves.

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La Chapelle Faucher places to visit

Chateau de Puyguilhem

Chateau de Puyguilhem

The Chateau de Puyguilhem is similar in style to the Loire Valley castles.

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Villars is home to a ruined abbey and the Grotte de Villars..

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Les Jardins Tranquille

Les Jardins Tranquille

A pretty river side garden on the edge of Brantome.

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Brantome is arguably the prettiest town in the Dordogne.

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Brantome Abbey

Brantome Abbey

Brantome Abbey is a Benedictine Abbey dating from the 8th century.

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Grotte de Villars

Grotte de Villars

A natural cave of stalactites and stalagmites with some Prehistoric drawings too.

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