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The Jardins Panoramiques de Limeuil sit at the very top of the beautiful village of Limeuil and have views over the river confluence and village below.

The gardens are situated between Tremolat and Le-Bugue.

Explore the Jardins Panoramiques de Limeuil

The gardens surround a chateau built in medieval times and renovated in the 19th century by Docteur Linarès, doctor to the Sultan of Maroc. He transformed the house and gardens using his years spent in Maroc as inspiration.

Both were abandoned however until  2004 Limeuil and the association, 'Au Fil du Temps' have taken charge of the park.

Jardin of Limeuil

The entrance to the gardens is by the chateau, which in itself is not particularly interesting but next to here is a small tea room selling drinks and ice-creams. Take a look at the ice-cream flavours as, as well as traditional flavours, they include hibiscus, fennel and pepper!

The first part of the garden is a small medieval garden planted with medicinal and culinary herbs. From here the garden opens out into a small arboretum with, amongst others, a giant sequoia tree. Many of the trees planted here are over a century old.

The garden then meanders towards a wonderful viewpoint overlooking the confluence of the rivers Dordogne and Vezere, a spectacular view.


From a garden point of view the highpoint is the Jardin d'eau. In this section the garden is on two levels with a pond on one level with planting surrounding it and also up the slope above the pond. All the while you also have the views of the river beyond.

As well as being an attractive park with great view points the Jardins Panoramiques de Limeuil have an educational role too and as well as lots of signs explaining the plants there are often workshops for children with activities such as willow weaving and dyeing using plant pigments.

garden at limeuil

A small shop ends the visit with books dedicated to nature and gardens and soaps, plants and seeds also on sale.

Les Jardins Panoramique de Limeuil Opening Hours

April, May, June, September and October: 10.00-12.30 and 14.00-18.00 every day except Saturday.

July and August: 10.00-19.00 every day

Places to Visit Nearby

Of course the village of Limeuil itself should definitely be visited. Limeuil is classified as "one of the most beautiful villages of France" and is gorgeous with its medieval stone houses climbing steeply up the hillside and the views of the river confluent below. Limeuil also has a particularly good river beach and is perfect for cooling off on a hot day.

Another excellent place for views over the river is nearby Tremolat where you can look over the 'Cingle de Tremolat' a huge loop in the river Dordogne.

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