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Eymet is in the Perigord Purple region of south-west Dordogne, about 20 km south of Bergerac. It is an attractive town to visit, with a thriving central market square and an attractive location on the banks of the Dropt river.

The town in its current form dates from 1270 (founded by Alphonse de Poitiers), although the same location has been occupied during the earlier Roman and prehistoric eras.

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Eymet has a typical bastide town layout (bastide towns are found more commonly in the Lot-et-Garonne and other departments to the south of the dordogne). This layout includes an open square which originally held a market hall, though this no longer exists in Eymet, with straight roads leading off the square, lined with medieval houses.

The houses around the edges of the central square in a bastide town are typically arcaded, as in Eymet, with stone pillars supporting the upper storey, which can be in either stone or colombage. The houses date from the 13 to 15th century. In the centre of the square there is a large fountain.

centre of eymet

As well as the main square wander along the side streets which offer many more attractive buildings to see. On Rue du Loup notice the Maison du Bayle with its hexagonal tower and carved doorway. This was once home to the governor of the town. On Rue du Couvent there is an ancient convent

There is a map on display in the town with a suggested 1 kilometer walk around the town to see the main sights or a 3 kilometer walk with the main sights to see on either side of the Dropt river which forms a deep bend with Eymet sat in the middle.


Eymet, like most of the bastides began life as a trading and agricultural centre. Building these towns allowed the rich fertile land to be farmed and artisans of other trades moved in to trade with the farmers. Political and economic guarantees were awarded the towns to persuade people to move into them.

As the area fell once again to war many of the bastides were fortified. The castle in Eymet existed before the town was built and it has a tall donjon (keep) but the defensive walls were added later, in the 15th century and once encircled the whole town. There is a circular tower on the chateau which acted as a watchtower and also housed the latrines. It is very unusual for a bastide town to have a castle.

castle of Eymet

The River Dropt runs along the edge of Eymet and from the town you can look out over an attractive stone moulin (mill). The foundations of the mill date back to the 13th century and it was converted into a flour mill in the 20th century and supplied all the local bakers with flour.

The river was once navigated by boats called gabarres and used to transport goods and especially wine along the river. Nowadays it is not considered navigable. You can take a ride on a gabarre built in the traditional style from the nearby town of Bergerac.

Eymet has a lively market every Thursday morning and in July and August it has an extra market on a Sunday morning. Every year on the 15th August there is a tasting of white wine and oysters in Eymet's main square - delicious. Eymet is very well served for restaurants and cafés and as it sits on the edge of the river Dropt it offers some lovely spots for a picnic too.

Places to visit nearby

There are a few small places of note in the vineyard covered region south-west of Bergerac / north-west of Eymet, including the little villages of Sigoulès, Pomport and Saussignac.

If you are travelling with children the Chateau de Bridoire has lots of excellent games with a medieval theme. 

If you are a wine enthusiast try visiting some of the wine chateaux. Many are open for visits and tasting. The Chateau de Tiregand offers a visit around the vineyard too. The Chateau de Monbazillac is a wonderful chateau as well as a wine producer.

Issigeac is a beautiful medieval village close to Eymet.

There are a number of very nice walks in the area - ask in the tourist office for maps.

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Map of Eymet and places to visit


Eymet places to visit

Chateau de Bridoire

Chateau de Bridoire

This chateau is full of medieval-related games and is good fun for visitors with children.

Chateau de Bridoire guide
Le Chateau de Monbazillac

Le Chateau de Monbazillac

Monbazillac is home to the chateau de Monbazillac and its vineyards.

Le Chateau de Monbazillac guide


Issigeac is a beautiful medieval village well worth a visit.

Issigeac guide