River Beaches in the Dordogne - a great way to cool down

Photo of Dordogne River Beaches




The Dordogne is a couple of hours from the ocean but it has some lovely river beaches if you are looking for somewhere to cool down.

The Dordogne in the summer can get hot with temperatures soaring above 30° and whilst a dip in the pool is nice and refreshing there is nothing to beat a swim in a beautiful setting along the Dordogne river or one of the other rivers in the department.

There are numerous points along the river where a natural beach allows you to sunbathe paddle and swim. The more popular beaches usually have a nearby snack-bar or cafe or are on the edge of a village allowing you to supplement picnics with an occasional ice-cream or cold drink.

Popular river beaches in the Dordogne

Le Buisson de Cadouin

Le Buisson de Cadouin has a popular river beach, the 'Plage du Pont de Vicq'  with a lifeguard in place during the summer. There is also a cafe where you can get refreshments.


Limeuil is one of the "most beautiful villages in France" and to top it all it has a very popular river beach. The beach is fairly large and the water is very shallow at the edges making it suitable for small children to paddle in. It is possible to venture in a bit further and swim in the river.

There is car parking nearby as well as cafes and restaurants.

Saint Julien de LamponSaint Julien de Lampon

There is a small river beach near the bridge at Saint Julien de Lampon. There is also a canoe hire site on the beach if you decide you want to try something a little more strenuous!


Vitrac is another popular river beach with locals and tourists heading for the Plage de Caudun on a hot day.


Saint Aulaye has a nice sandy beach on the banks of the river Dronne. Various activities for children are set up on the beach and a life-guard surveys the beach in the summer. There is a picnic area, bar and restaurant.


Also on the Dromme river is the river beach at Lisle next to the Moulin de Pont restaurant.


Renamon is 5 minutes from Lisle on the Dromme river and is a very popular river beach. There is a bar and restaurant and bands play live-music here on Friday and Saturday nights. You can also hire canoes here.