Photo of Day trips in the Dordogne

There is such a lot to see in the Dordogne and surrounding area that it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are some ideas of possible days out to get you started. These are pretty jam-packed days and so could instead be done over a couple of days to take a bit more time in each place.

A day trip around Sarlat


The beautiful medieval town of Sarlat is a highlight for many visitors to the Dordogne and if your gite or hotel is near to hear you are sure to be drawn to the town regularly. Surrounding Sarlat are quite a number of medieval villages that deserve further exploring.

To get the most from a day near to Sarlat see our one-day guide to Sarlat and the nearby medieval villages.

A day trip around Domme


Domme is one of the 'most beautiful villages' of France and has a huge cave system that can be visited directly underneath the village square! As well as being a treat to explore in itself it is part of a cluster of 'most beautiful villages' that occupy this part of the Dordogne and a circuit of these makes for a great day out.

See our one day guide to Domme and the beautiful villages nearby.

A day trip around Les-Eyzies


Les-Eyzies in the Vézère Valley is at the heart of the prehistoric caves and shelters for which the Dordogne is famous. These are so important that the Vézère Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You could spend at least a week fully exploring these but if you wish to choose some of the highlights for a one or two day trip then these are some of our favourites to choose from.

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