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Coux et Bigaroque is 40km to the east of Bergerac. It sits on a quiet stretch of road next to the river Dordogne but as most people take the bigger road on the south side of the river Coux-et-Bigaroque remains a quiet and largely ignored village on the north side.

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Coux et BigaroqueCoux et Bigaroque is a beautiful little commune made up of two neighbouring villages. Its lower part sits right on the edge of a very leafy and tranquille section of the river Dordogne.

Take a look at the houses, some of them are really stunning. A particularly fine house is the Grange aux Dimeires with its colombage turret and eclesiastical-looking windows. This 12-13th century building was once the barn where river tolls were paid and the boatmen could rest.

In total there are three castles, two churches, 18 grand houses and various interesting architectural details such as ancient ovens, original bathhouses, pigeon houses etc. Have a wander round and see what you can find.

Coux et Bigaroque once belonged to the bishops of Bordeaux who put the toll station on the river. The hundred years war put an end to this profitable acivity as well as to the castle which once overlooked the village and valley. The castle was rebuilt but destroyed again in 1624.

Places to Visit Nearby

The attractive town of St-Cyprien is not far to the east of Coux et Bigaroque and Le Bugue is a short way to the north. Both are a reasonable size and have supermarkets, bars and restaurants and would make a good base for exploring this stretch of the Dordogne.

To the south the lovely medieval village of Belves is a treat.

If you wish to see some of the magnificent pre-historic sites which are abundant in the area then you will want to head towards LesEyzies de Tayac with its excellent pre-history museum and the wealth of prehistory sites in its immediate vicinity.

Le Buisson de Cadouin and Limeuil to the west both have excellent river beaches if you wish to swim in the Dordogne.

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