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Condat-sur-Vezere is 8 km to the west of Terrasson.

Condat sur Vezere is just 8km from the lovely town of Terrasson but before rushing back to the main tourist circuit of Montignac, Le Bugue, Lascaux etc there are a few very small but pretty villages you might want to stop at. Condat sur Vezere on the left bank of the river Vezere is one of them.

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On the edge of the main square of Condat-sur-Vezere the tiny river Coly drops down to the River Vezere forming a pretty little water cascade as it does so. The force of the water here was once used to drive the moulin (mill) on the edge of the water.

The village has been home to the Gaulois, the Romans and also the Templars. Wandering round the village you can see vestiges of its past.

Condat sur Vezere buildings

The church of Notre-Dame and Saint-Jean-Baptiste dates back to the 16th century and is a fortified church, an important part of the villages defences during the constant wars which once ravaged this region. Also part of the fortifications was the Chateau de Condat of which only the 16th century donjon and the 15th century Commanderie remain.

Various colombage houses and imposing old stone houses all add to the pleasure of a stroll around the visit.

Also on the left bank of the river Vezere is the fine looking Chateau de la Fleunie which has been converted into a hotel and restaurant.

Places to visit nearby

Plazac is another pretty village in the neighbourhood which is not on the main tourist circuit. Also Fanlac and Badefols-d'Ans. Non of these villages are a key destination in themselves but if you are nearby then they are worth a detour.

The countryside around here is beautiful too and so a little touring round in the car is a pleasure.

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