Photo of Attractions for Children

There are lots of things for children to do in the Dordogne, from prehistoric parks to paper making. Particular tourist attractions for children include:

Bergerac Aquapark, Bergerac

Bergerac Aquapark - on the road from Bergerac to Bordeaux, on the outskirts of Bergerac. Four swimming pools with water chutes and plenty of other 'young people' things to do. see Bergerac Aquapark.

Prehisto Parc, Les Eyzies

Prehisto Parc 6km north of Les Eyzies, no trip to the Vezere valley would be complete without the children playing at being prehistoric. Cavemen, mammoths and the like are recreated for your children's endless amusement.

Park archéologique de Beynac

Re-live the life of the first farmers and metal workers in this reconstructed Neolithic village.

Jacqou Park, Le Bugue

Jacquou Park near Le Bugue has three parcs: an animal parc, an aqua parc and amusement parc. The animal parc has farm animals from around the world including llamas, highland cattle and angora goats. The aqua parc has two water slides, plus seperate pools for younger visitors. The attractions park has a bouncy castle and rides for young children. There is also a mini-golf and a snack area.


Le village du Bournat, Le BugueVillage of Le Bournat

Le village du Bournat at Le Bugue is one of the most popular attractions for families in the Dordogne. A reconstructed village showing life in 1900. With animals on a working organic farm, crafts, and a working windmill (which makes flour for the local bread). There is also a funfair (included in the entrance price), picnic areas and restaurants. see The village of Le Bournat

Le parc Aquarium du Périgord Noir at Le Bugue/VezereAquarium - Le Bugue

More than 6000 fish to see at this aquarium at Le Bugue. With feeding shows and an underwater gallery there is plenty to amuse the children here. There is also a new insect zone with a glass-hive housing more than 80 000 bees. There is also a new Iguana Park set in an area of sub-tropical vegetation and .... new in 2011 - Anaconda, the snake god and in 2014 - Alligator Park. see the Aquarium

There are various feeding times that children can help with and you can watch a diver feeding fish in the bigger tanks.

Le Thot Espace Cro-Magnon

This centre of pre-history includes a reproduction of the largest of the Lascaux caves and scenes of daily life in pre-historic times. see Le Thot.

Swimming and Paddling

Limeuil beachIt is possible to swim and paddle at many places along the Dordogne River. Limeuil is a particularly good spot with river beaches and shallow water at the edges.see Limeuil


Canoeing on the Dordogne River - see canoeing

Treetop Adventure Parks

If you haven't been to one of these treetop adventure parks with your children you must! My two girls are aged 12 and 9 and adored the one near us:

L'Appel de la Forêt, Thenon

This one at Thenon has various trails depending on the age, height and courage of you and your children.

Airparc Perigord, St-Vincent-de-Cosse

Situated between Beynac and St Cyprien. This treetop adventure parc is on the river and so offers another way to enjoy the beauty of the river dordogne. This site is one of my favourite canoe hire sites as well.

Indian Forest Perigord, Carsac/Sarlat

Five courses are available the smallest being suitable for 5 year olds.

Parc en CielParc en Ciel, Lacapelle-Biron

Just over the border in Lot-et-Garonne, Parc en Ciel has 8 different courses and the only natural swimming pool in Aquitaine. see Parc en Ciel

Moulin à Papier, Couze-St-Front

Demonstrations of hand made paper making - and children can have a go. At Couze-St-Front, west of Lalinde.

night marketEating Out

Eating out with children can be expensive but to keep costs down try the evening markets in July and August. These are great fun and very reasonably priced. Plus as they are outdoors and very very informal children can run around and make a noise and generally enjoy themselves. See our Markets information to find the nearest town to you with evening markets.