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Bourdeilles is a lovely village which sits on the edge of the river Dronne and boasts a chateau, a moulin (mill), a medieval centre and a panoramic viewpoint. Bourdeilles was one of the original four barronnies of Perigord founded in the 10th century. The others are Biron, Beynac and Mareuil.

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Its main feature is its chateau which is actually two castles. There is a fortress dating back to the 13th and 14th century and which has defensive walls and an octaganol donjon 35 meters tall. Within the walls there is also a second chateau built in the Renaissance style during the 16th century.

This chateau is richly decorated and includes the 'Salon Doré - golden room' and a furniture collection of the 15th to 19th century. Inside the castle walls is a garden area laid out in traditional formal French style - avenues of trees, clipped box and neatly laid out grassy areas. For more information see Chateau de Bourdeilles.

Bourdeilles centre

In the village look out for the 15th century maison de Senechal with its lovely steep pointy rooves. Also the Moulin Seigneurial which was fortified in the 12th century. Bourdeilles' church dates back to the 12th century and on one side there is a lovely walk leading up to it with a cobbled path flanked by lawns and simple gardens and attractive stone, medieval houses.

Wandering around the village there are lots of attractive spots and a number of fine manor houses. There is a viewpoint at the top of the village which gives you a lovely view of the village and river below.  Down by the river there is an attractive stone bridge which was originally built in the 14th century but had to be rebuilt in the 18th century following severe floods. The view from here is superb (see main picture).


Every Sunday morning it is market day in Bourdeilles at the Place de la Halle. This is a lovely day to see the village brimming with life and a good chance to buy lots of the fresh local products and local delicacies.

On the edge of the village there are a number of shelters in the rocky cliffs overhanging the road which leads out to Brântome. These are called the Fourneau du Diable and are prehistoric shelters. There are several on the edge of the village.

Bourdeilles bridge

Places to visit nearby

Brântome is just 9km away and is one of the most beautiful villages / towns in the Dordogne. It is situated in a bend of the river Dronne and is home to the beautiful Brantome Abbey. Any garden fans will want to visit the lovely Jardin Tranquille in Brantome. The garden has been created along the edge of a river and is indeed a lovely tranquil spot.

Perigueux to the south is one of the Dordogne's larger towns and has a stunning medieval centre as well as lots dating back to Roman occupation.

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Chateau de Bourdeilles

Chateau de Bourdeilles

The Chateau de Bourdeilles specialises in medieval games.

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Brantome is arguably the prettiest town in the Dordogne.

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Brantome Abbey

Brantome Abbey

Brantome Abbey is a Benedictine Abbey dating from the 8th century.

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Les Jardins Tranquille

Les Jardins Tranquille

A pretty river side garden on the edge of Brantome.

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La Chapelle Faucher

La Chapelle Faucher

La Chapelle Faucher is a quiet village with a pretty square.

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Chancelade Abbey

Chancelade Abbey

Chancelade Abbey is an attractive abbey close to Perigueux.

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